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Each month, Kennected will focus on a key business component. Our purpose is to provide you the resources and tools to bridge the gap between a new connection and closing a deal. This page will serve as your hub for all of our new resources.

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Our clients that have the greatest success with Kennected have taken full advantage of all that our platform has to offer, not just the automation. When you sign on with our team, you get access to a wealth of knowledge.

From educational material on copywriting, personal branding, and how to build robust and profitable relationships, Kennected is your hub for success on LinkedIn. When you incorporate Kennected’s in-depth skills building content alongside LinkedIn automation, you are setting yourself up for increased lead flow and deeper sales funnels.

Previous Resources 

Messaging Scripts
Approaching prospects on LinkedIn isn't an easy task. To simplify this process, we've created a thoughtful collection of templates and best practices that are built to improve your inbox engagement. Craft messages that convert, master your LinkedIn inbox, and build powerful scripts using our step-by-step templates.
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Profile Optimization
Building a highly visible profile on LinkedIn can be a daunting task, so we went ahead and broke it down for you. This guide contains easy-to-use templates with visual examples. Think of your profile as a resource, not a resume. Gain insights into SEO, how to position yourself in the best light, and most importantly... how to stand out.
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Classroom Sessions
Live, interactive, hands-on learning led by our Leadership Team here at Kennected. In these sessions, you and your team will learn how to dominate LinkedIn with our proven marketing and sales strategies.
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Having a healthy LinkedIn really is easy, but so many people right now are doing small things that could put their LinkedIn in jeopardy. Let's talk about some simple things you can do to protect yourself.
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